Insane in the Membrane

So yeah...we are kind of doing this.  I say kind of because I'm not sure if I'm going to follow the 60 days as strict as the schedule because I want to add weight training back to my life and I've always struggled with the beachbody style of doing the same workouts for 60-90 days even when I love the workouts.  This is only 60 days though - so it might actually happen (I usually get through at least the first month...)  I've had insanity for a while but I've been intimidated by it and pretty scared.  It seemed harder than P90x because I'm not a cardio girl - I'm a strength girl.  Which is why I think I tried to become a cardio girl lately.  But since my homegirl is doing it...I decided to join in and go for it figuring since she's a day or so ahead she can warn me :)

Today I did the fit test...holy hell.  I mean it's just a fit test.  Not an actual workout.  Lots of rest.  And yet I was drenched with sweat and I'm already feeling it.  So all of my fears are confirmed about being scared - but at the same time I'm pretty giddy as I LOVE a good hard workout.  Anyway, here are my Day 1 fit test results:

Switch Kicks - 35
Power Jacks - 31
Power Knees - 80
Power Jumps - 30
Globe Jumps - 6
Suicide Jumps - 9 (btw - why can't he just call them 1/2 burpees????)
Push-Up Jacks - 7 (I guess...I'm quite positive my form was horrendous)
Low Plank Oblique - 30

So there it is...Day 1 Insanity fit test scores.  I definitely am excited to see what the actual workout looks like since the fit test was pretty intense.