Today is the start of my 2nd round of INSANITY!!  It's my favorite program because it's short, intense, and gives you visible results fast.  Well as long as you are sticking to a good clean diet along with 100% commitment to the program that is.  The first day of INSANITY is the fit test.  You repeat this test many times over the course of the program to track your fitness levels and progress.  This test is only 25 minutes long (including warm up, stretch, and cool down) and you rest about a minute between each exercise.  So you only are intensely moving for 8  minutes...yet I still burned almost 300 calories, lol.  It's a sign of things to come. Today's fit test for me was the first time that I was going to put my action plan for this round of INSANITY into play - by focusing on form.  The last time I did this program I was a lot heavier and had to modify a lot.  I focused on getting through the workouts the best I could.  This time I want to focus on form and getting the max results I can.  So for items like power jumps, I focused on making sure I went into the squat at the bottom and pulled my legs up, instead of just going as fast as I could.  The same for suicide jumps - I wanted to make sure my plank position was on point at the bottom and I pulled my legs forward right.  Last time with my bigger gut I had trouble getting my feet pulled up and had to go wider.  Little performance changes like that will result in MUCH better results this time!

So, today's fit test results were as follows:

  • switch kicks - 42.5
  • power jacks - 38
  • power knees - 93
  • power jumps - 31
  • globe jumps - 9
  • suicide jumps - 14
  • push up jacks - 22
  • low plank obliques - 49

In comparison to my first round of INSANITY, I improved or performed the same as my first fit test on everything except the power jumps.  I performed the same as my last fit test on suicide jumps and was only one away from my results for globe jumps.  I'm pretty pleased with that especially considering my focus on form right now.  I did the fit test at 6:30 am this morning and I ALREADY feel the burn in my hips and thighs and arms.  I'm pretty pumped to get into the program and get this body into awesome shape!  I was running late so I didn't take my photos this am because taking them would have meant turning on the light and waking up the man, but I will take care of that tomorrow before the official workout start :)

Ciao buddies!