INSANITY Fit Test #3

Yesterday was the doozy workout - fit test + max circuit intervals.  1.5 hours of crazy insane fun with Shaun T and the crew.  I both loathe and love this workout.  Loathe it because it's a long day and I have to get up really early.  Love it because I feel like a super woman after working out and actually making it through the workout without crying. So the fit test results are (drumroll!!!)

  • Switch kicks - 108 (+3)
  • Power jacks - 54 (+8)
  • Power knee - 109 (+2)
  • Power jumps - 35 (+3)
  • Globe jumps - 10 (no change)
  • Suicide jumps - 16 (+1)
  • Pushup jacks - 34 (+4)
  • Low plank oblique - 53 (-6)

Overall not a bad fit test.  I went down only on one thing from the fit test #2 and it was the last exercise so I'm wondering if i was burned out by then.  Who knows...but I'm really happy with how much I'm improving every fit test and how much stronger I am getting.

So now - I'm 2 workouts into month 2.  Month 2 is where the change happens IMO.  The workouts start to really push your endurance and strength more here.  I can tell I'm in much better shape than my last round of INSANITY because I'm jumping more during my workouts and burning more calories at a lower weight because of that.  I just bought some inserts for my shoes to help my poor little flat feet out and they made a world of difference already.  I also bought new shoes since the inserts were kind of big and didn't fit well in my old shoes. Sucks since I just bought those a month ago...but necessary to protect my feet so I'm not complaining for real.  I do NOT want to get hurt and be out of commission for weeks (months?) and I know that having flat feet means that I have to pay attention to what is going on with them and baby them now that I am doing more plyo during INSANITY.