INSANITY: Recovery Week

I finally made it to recovery week, woot!!  That means I've done 4 straight weeks of INSANITY.  I didn't miss a workout and am pretty proud of the work that I did while traveling and going to quite a few social events.  So far, this round of INSANITY has been pretty different because I'm way more capable of doing the exercises.  I am getting through the warmup without stopping and getting through the workout with significantly fewer breaks.  I'm really excited because this means better results and better work.  And I'm not saying it's easy..because it's definitely still the hardest workout I've ever done.  But what's difficult now isn't so much the actual move, but just trying to do the move with the INSANITY crew. My favorite workout is still cardio strength and power...but I don't hate plyo as much anymore.  Being in better shape makes the workout more of a challenge instead of being a nemesis.

This week is core cardio and balance.  It's called a recovery workout, but it's not easy, just a slightly less intense pace.  Because it's a slightly less intense workout I'm going to deviate a little from my normal eating plan to try some new things this week.  The new things being mainly pumping more fruit and veggies into my diet daily.  I'm a little run down right now with the last few weeks of traveling and parties and weddings and you know, just sitting on a Delta flight for hours on the ground after waking up at 3:30 am.  I already eat a lot, but I want to do more fresh/raw fruits and veggies.  Bigger salads, more fruit in my shakes, and more veggies in my snacks. I already made a strawberry based salad dressing, so more fruit!  I really am going to pump myself with as much natural goodness as I can this week.  I've been working hard on this since finishing the first Ultimate Reset and am constantly working on improving in this area.  This week gives me a chance to play around a little since it's a little slower and hopefully try some new things that will be carried over into the crazy month 2.

I'll post my meals and my smoothie creations that are successful in taste this week and let you guys know how it goes.  I'm hoping to see some weight loss in the form of reducing bloat, getting back on my sleep schedule, and learning a way to add more produce without feeling like I'm overeating or sacrificing the rest of my food.  I tend to get really full when I have raw produce - so the struggle is making sure I'm eating enough calories...which is why this week is experiment week :)  I also am going to be 100% meat and dairy free.  I'm not promising vegan because I heart eggs.  But I've been eating too much dairy again, so time to cut that out.

Any questions on month 1 of INSANITY?  Advice on how to eat more raw produce or great smoothie recipes for me?