INSANITY Round 2 Complete!

As of yesterday I can proudly say that I have completed two complete rounds of INSANITY!  I'm pretty excited about that and am really proud of that fact.  I completed my fit test and was pretty much blown away from the results of this test compared to my first test back in May:

  • Switch Kicks - 111 (+26)
  • Power Jacks - 51 (+13)
  • Power Knee - 125 (+32)
  • Globe Jumps - 12 (+3)
  • Suicide Jumps - 16 (+2)
  • Pushup Jacks - 36 (+14)
  • Low Plank Oblique - 70 (+21)

I lost 11 lbs this round and went from a tight-ish size 16 to a very comfortable size 14.  On top, I am down to a medium in most tops, however if it has a tight fit on the arm, I will need a large.  All in all - I have NO complaints and once again this program has exceeded all expectations and given me great results.

Diet wise - I didn't 100% follow this program guide.  I continued to eat very clean, mostly vegetarian but not strictly at all, and tons of water (about a gallon a day).  Nothing very written out, but you have seen many of the recipes I eat posted on here.

Life wise - I'm so happy to be done with this round!  I love the program...but I don't understand how people do it back to back, lol.  I am ready for a break and am really pumped about my current 2 week regimen before I go into Focus T25.  I will post that tomorrow.  Essentially it's a fun mix of a lot of programs that will keep me going but ease down from the hour of INSANITY.  Today was Turbo Fire 30 class.  Awesome and FUN.  Not that INSANITY isn't fun...but it's a totally different thing than a dance party with Chalene Johnson :)