Inside and Out

I have lost 55lbs and counting. I am feeling much better physically. And I can tell that that better feeling is starting to really change the way I feel about myself. I want to do my hair nicely, dress better. Do my makeup and nails. I smile more. I am happier.

I don't want it to sound like I am becoming some vain chick. I am not. I just am starting to really care about myself again and treating myself like I deserve to be cared about.

For me, my weight gain was really out of not doing right by me. Not taking the time for me to exercise. Not saying no when I should to dessert or pizza or candy or takeout. Not that those things are individually horrid - but eating all of them in one day, sometimes more than once is. For me, my weight problems of late have been due to a lack of giving a damn about myself for the basics people. I was eat, sleep, work, repeat. I didn't take my down time, my sleep, my rest, or my pamper time. All of these things are needed for a balanced and healthy life! Taking the time to make yourself feel beautiful - whether that is weight loss, a new hair cut, a mani/pedi, or whatever - is VITAL!

Yes, vital. Crucial. Nonnegotiable.

See that taking care of self shines through every single thing you do. How you interact with your significant other. How confident you feel at work. How comfortable you are asserting yourself. All of those things come back to taking care of self. For me, I was letting my weight hold me back from so much - I see that now. I can be a better version of me. No. I WILL be a better version of me. I will not let myself be priority 10 on a list of 12 things. I will make sure that never happens ever again.

Are you your own high priority? If not, why not? What can you start doing right now to change that? Exercise? Schedule a hair appointment? Read a personal development book? The list of ideas is endless - one will speak to you.