It Cosmetics Review

So today I'm going to discuss a little outer beauty because it's something I'm working on right now.  I have mentioned before somewhere - probably Instagram - that I have a tendency to kind of bum around.  I think a leftover from days where I didn't feel good about myself.  I would wear clothes that were too big, not really stylish and really shapeless, and I was pretty meh with my makeup and hair.  Now after doing some personal development I realized that most of that was really just more effects of me not taking care of myself and not caring about myself the way I should have...and that's the biggest thing that I am working to change on my personal health journey. So with that said, I follow a few pretty amazing fashion/makeup people online and one of them is Coach Glitter.  She is a MUAH who fashions the incredible Chalene Johnson so you know she knows her stuff.  And one thing she has mentioned for a while is It Cosmetics being some of the best stuff you can put on your face.  So when she posted about a QVC deal that we shouldn't miss, I went ahead and purchased the kit which came in a pretty cute shiny box!


The kit came with a pretty nice selection of basic makeup needs.  Concealer, foundation/concealer brush, lip gloss, brow filler, anti-aging creme, and a complexion brush.  All these individually cost $230 from It Cosmetics directly, but the kit was around $70 with shipping.  Not bad for the full base kit.


I've been using the kit for a few weeks now and I LOVE it. I really do.  I love how simple it is - it's about 10 minutes MAX and that's because I add eyeliner because I don't feel like my face is "done" if I don't have on eyeliner.  Every once in a while I will add a little blush or eyeshadow but for the most part I use just what is in that picture above + my favorite black eyeliner (Bare Minerals) and go.  I love that it feels like a very natural look, like I don't have on makeup other than the more obvious stuff (being the eyeliner and the lip gloss).



Anyway, I will say that right now this is a great little kit and a great purchase for me.  The only thing I probably need to do is purchase another concealer because this one is great for me while I am in my pale sun-less phase, but after a little sun It may be a bit too light.  One thing that I also love are the brushes in the kit.  I have some less fancy brushes and they do that annoying shedding thing...these do not.  So I'm pretty happy with that because these should last a while.  I guess the only thing left is to figure out how long this kit will last me while using it 4-6 days a week and then figure out the refill situation!