January Read - THRIVE

I have set a lot of goals for myself this year and most of them require learning more about something. Business, food, exercise, ect. I will read at least one book a month that is personal development and/or purely to learn something new.

This month's read is THRIVE: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life by Brendan Brazier. I picked this book after it was recommended to me by another Beachbody coach. I don't know if I will ever eat vegan or vegetarian 100% of the time. But I do know that I need to learn better how to put together filling and nutritious vegan meals so I can eat more of them and be fueled for P90x properly.

I just started reading this book and will post a review after I finish. I also am taking a Coursera class on nutrition this month. I really need to understand food more and the only way to do that is to study.

Has anyone read THRIVE? Any other nutrition books, especially plant based nutrition, you recommend? Please leave me the titles in the comments of those or any other personal development books you love :)