JM at Home (Friday)

Doing my weekly JM workouts.  Today was workout #3.  I didn't like it, lol.  I'm going to be honest - I really don't like the program so far.  Her weird combination of old school aerobics and yoga is just odd.  And she never offers modifications for the workouts that are harder for us big people.  Plank into crescent pose over and over....really?  I never really get into the workout, I just get through it.  I am sweating halfway through - so it's not like I'm not getting a workout in, I just spend the entire time wishing I was doing anything else.  I really have a love/hate relationship with body revolution.  I get done and feel like I got a good workout and I'm very pleased with that.  But I don't get that post exercise high (or during exercise good feeling) that I get with some other things.

In other news - I decided my loose change jar was going to become my bodyrock equipment fund.  It's not a very big fund - I only have about $75 in there.  But if I throw my extra spending cash (I do a cash based budget) in there at the end of every week as a rule, it should grow quickly.  I am not sure what the best piece of equipment to start with would be for me.  The dip station/equalizer would be fabulous b/c I have no alternative way to do those exercises.  The sandbag would be great so I can use a little more weight and build strength. Those are my top two choices.  The ugi ball would be really cool to have for those exercises, but of all the equipment I feel like this is the least necessary with what I already have.  Or I can pay way less and get a medicine ball.  I've even seen one with handles.  I'm also considering making one from the tutorials I've seen online just so I can have the option to increase the weight as needed.  To buy an ugi or medicine ball would mean shelling out cash every time I was ready to go up in weight.

Any bodyrockers read this and have suggestion on the best piece of equipment to start with?  I do have a Gymboss already so that's done.  Also, if you are a bigger person - equalizer or dip station?