Happy July!!

I'm excited for the half of the year mark because I gotta be honest - 2011 has been a rough one.  My life is about 180 degrees different than I thought it would be this time last year and I'm hoping to really turn it around by doing the best for ME for the rest of the year.  I also got invited to be in a wedding next year - so that is hella motivation to focus on myself if nothing else is.

I decided to go talk to a nutritionist and try to get a better plan for myself and food.  I'm struggling pretty hard with trying to stay on track and stay with the program and I think this will be good.  This place I would do a check in with weight and body fat so definitely encourages me to stay on track so my check ins are showing the right trend.  I should be getting my plan later today or tomorrow and I'm pretty amped about it.  The nutritionist was super nice, asked lots of questions about why I'm struggling and what my hopes were for the program.  Whenever I figure I will probably start on Tuesday with the plan unless I get the plan early enough today that I can hit the grocery store and prep for lunch tomorrow.

I also am considering joining a gym again.  She was all about my cardio but really thinks I should push the weights again.  I used to lift heavy and I have slowly this year switched from the more traditional heavy lifting thinking that cardio would be better for weight loss.  I'm willing to go back to it - I actually really loved lifting heavy!  I was actually really happy to hear that she thinks the heavy lifting for my body type will be beneficial and give me great results along with the nutrition program (she is also a trainer).  So I'm thinking of joining a gym.  There is a gym near me with really great hours and a really great price (half of what I was paying at the old gym) that is just opening, so I may go check that out.  I really am going to dedicate myself the next 6 months to get the body I want by 2013.

I'm still doing really well with my list I posted of little steps.  The walking has been limited just because it's been about 100 degrees the last few days and it's just too hot out to walk.  I have tried in the AM to get it in but even then, it's been almost 90 in the morning!  Crazy!  But either way I'm doing well with the other items so I'm happy.  When the weather gets more reasonable I'll be outside again and moving my body.