Legs and Eggs

Today was leg day and man did I hit that workout hard.  I increased weights in almost every exercise since (1) I was more familiar with it and (2) I knew I needed to push.  Build phase is only 3 weeks.  3 weeks to get a solid base before heading into the bulk then beast phase.  So I better move.  I hit 21 lbs today on some of my moves and started at 12 for all but the calf raises instead of 10.  Improvement.  Next week I'll bump what I can up another notch.  I know I worked hard because my body was soaked with sweat.  Every bit of my shirt and shorts.  Leg muscles are HUGE and require a lot of work to make them change and you can tell by how sweaty and hard leg day is.  Your body works if you do it right and you leave leg day feeling like you could eat a house.  Or sleep for hours.  I noticed last week after leg day, I slept like a baby (why is that an expression?  from my research, babies don't sleep in any type of desirable way, but I digress). 

Also, let's talk about how I feel after tempo last night.  Whoa Nelly.  I definitely feel that fully in my upper body.  From my first week on the program, I feel like my biggest changes will be in my legs and my underarm area first.  Yes underarm area.  That area that pudges out of your bra when you put on weight if you are wondering.  That is where I am most sore every week after chest day.  Yes I'm sore (to the touch....made my breast cancer screening at the doctor today quite the experience) in my chest, but that underarm area is the real area of soreness.  Tris are sore - but I guess I don't use them that often because I only feel them in certain moves.  I'm going to definitely notice when I wash my hair though. 

Ok moving on to something else on my heart today.  IIFYM aka the dieting method known as if it fits your macros.  Essentially it's calorie counting with the added step of making sure your protein/carbs/fat meet specific goals in order to hit your overall calorie goal.  It's really popular with bodybuilders or serious exercisers because with those two categories you do truly notice performance changes when you are way off.  Weight Watchers when I did it back in the day, was also a form of this.  Essentially with IIFYM, you can eat whatever you want as long as it fits your macros.  The thought is that it's the calories that matter, not necessarily that quality of the calories.  And hitting those macros is the guiding principle. 

A lot of people I follow do this plan and eat really good wholesome healthy meals.  I personally do a type of IIFYM with Body Beast as each phase has a macro count for what they want us to hit in order to hit our overall calories.  I focus on eating wholesome healthy meals.  Mostly because I want to live a lifestyle where I eat mostly healthy and have junk food in moderation when I truly want it.  Not because it's there.  I want to retrain my eating to be healthier and not eat junk all the time.  And most people I see are on the same path.  Not eating crazy restrictive but not eating junk every day.  Maybe every few days a treat or having their pizza night weekly or a beer here or there or whatever.  I had a donut on Sunday as my treat because I really wanted one.  I had one and I moved on.  That's how I want to live.  I don't want the junk food to control my eating which is what happens to me when I eat a ton of sugar.  It's biologically what happens in our bodies to sugar and why we should learn to eat in moderation and not eat crazy. 

Okay, so what's the problem?  It's when companies and trainers who are advertising that they will calculate your macros for IIFYM talk about all the pop tarts you can eat.  When every post advertising their services for IIFYM is centered on junk food.  When the focus is not eating balance but "look at the crap you can eat and lose weight!" it just irks me.  I am not against eating junk.  Like I said, I had a donut this weekend.  It was delicious.  But I don't think the point of weight loss should be trying to fit all the crap you can in or that you should aim to fit all the crap you can in daily.  It effs with your head an your body.  Because quality DOES matter.  It really does. 

So my point - who knows.  I just needed to get that out of my brain tonight.  I personally have major issues with sugar.  And I know it's extremely common for a lot of us overweight people to have that problem.  I think we have an issue as a society with sugar and obesity.  And I in general am wary of systems that promote the junk food part of the plan.  I believe that macros are important and that the quality of them is just as important.  I believe you can count macros and lose weight/gain muscle/whatever.  I just don't believe that the focus should be the junk food.  I believe in moderation, balance, and eating mostly good healthy foods.  I believe that you should have a donut when you want one.  But not just because you are trained to think you should because you can. 

And that's all I have to say about that.