Level 10

WTF is Level 10. It's me taking myself to a new level.  It's me making a conscious decision to go from a more diligently working towards fitness to me consciously moving to BEAST MODE for the next 6-8 months.

My main goal - lose the last 30 lbs and be out of weight loss and in maintenance.  I want that by the end of the year.  I want to ring in the new year looking the best I have ever looked in my life with my hubby in a sparkly dress.

This is going to be really hard.  I have been bouncing the same weight range for months.  Ever since last year with job changing and generally being completely unhappy with my professional career.  I am really happy with where I am now.  Completely happy.  And I have spent some time being happy and eating and being a little loose with my diet.  Not out of control loose.  But too loose for someone this close to her goals but not there.

So now I buckle down.  I become that girl.  I have to do it even though I have pretty much resisted being that girl for a while now except when doing the reset.  What is that girl?

That girl who says no.  No to ordering food that isn't on her plan.  No to just eating without thought.  Yes to eating for fuel.  Yes to meal planning.  Yes to carrying my own food everywhere.  Yes to coming to terms with the emotional side of saying no and following my path.

It's going to be hard.  I had to talk to the hubby about this.  Because that's a big part of it.  Deciding that maybe we won't eat together sometimes.  Or that dining out...a big part of our relationship happy fun times...has to get cut back.  We have to change who WE are to fit me.  And that's hard to say.  But it's something I needed to really go next level to say.  For one because we both can stand to be healthier.  And for two because I just have to have his support to help me be able to do this.  It's going to be hard enough outside the house...I need his help.

So be on the look out for all this.  I started back with cardio after a month off of it because of my hips.  I basically realized that the real fix to the problem was altering my sleep style.  No more sleeping on my side.  I don't know if it's the years of being over weight or if it's just positioning or the combo of the two - but sleeping on my left side puts too much pressure on my body and my left leg feels awful in the morning.  If I lay on my back, right side, or stomach it's fine the next morning.  So I'm training myself to do that.  It sucks.  But it's going much better.  I had to prop myself up and block myself in with pillows at first to not roll over...but I'm doing better with it now.  And I have been pain free every single day except for the one day I did fall asleep on the couch on that side.  Boom.  So now that my leg issue is solved...I have been back on cardio/weights and back to pushing play with my favorites - Autum and Shaun T.  So this is the next step.

This is long enough for now.  Tomorrow...it's time to grocery shop.