LFHC, HFLC, and Other Random Letters

In 2015 I decided to try an experiment on myself.  It's not a really scientific experiment, but it's just one I need to do so I feel like I'm giving it my all this year.  The experiment centers around food and my diet. 

Last year there was a lot of talk about High Fat/Low Carb diets.  I kind of ignored it.  No real reason why, I just did.  Until Melissa McAllister posted a video series where she did a vegan diet for a month then a high fat low carb diet for a month and talked about her results.  Now, if you don't know who she is, know that she has an amazing physique.  She is abs and lean and amazing.  When she speaks about nutrition or fitness, she is one of the people I listen to in the noise of the internet.  So I followed her experiment closely. 

I was very intrigued to see that she lost weight with a vegan diet then lost MORE on the high fat low carb.  She was already fit and to see her lose all that weight was eye opening.  Mostly because I had been eating plant based (more vegetarian than vegan) for a long time and I did not see half the results.  Because I often cheated on it.  Honestly - I don't love vegetables.  I like them well enough but I don't love them.  And I don't eat enough raw fruit to be high carb low fat or raw in general.  My decision to go plant based was purely for weight loss after doing the Ultimate Reset but I wasn't really doing it.  So her results showed me that my stalled weight loss was a big indication that I was not eating the right diet for me and it was time to find out what that diet should be.

So I decided to try for the high fat this month.  My goal was to almost mimic her experiment in giving it a month and see what happens.  Since I was on travel the first week of the month I decided to wait and start the week I got back.  While on travel I did try to start cutting back on carbs, but I did still have wine soooo yeah. 

So far, I'm down 7 lbs.  I'm pretty psyched.  I know a big part of that is the diet because I was often burning MORE calories doing Body Beast than I am during Max:30..  I have not been exceptionally strict these first 2 weeks either.  I have dessert on date night with the man.  Or that one day when I forget my wallet and my breakfast at lunch (I have no clue WHAT was going on in my head that morning, seriously) and I pounced on a small little free cake pop because my plan to leave early and get home to eat was ruined by work being crazy busy.  And I'm sure my food choices aren't always perfect since we do eat out often.  But this is actually kind of nice to see results even with those circumstances because I was off the mark too much, especially with dining out.  I'm certain I could travel on this fairly easily.  I want to really lock it down the next 2 weeks though and see what I can do if I go all in.  Which means 1) I need to meal plan better because I always run out of food on Friday or Monday and 2) I have to be more on top of cooking on the weekends.  I will say this weekend has been meh.  I definitely have had dinner out too many nights in a row.  I still ate on track - a meat main dish with a salad.  But you know - when you aren't eating at home you don't really know what you are eating.

Anyway, I'm going to share my plan for next week's meals because planning will make me lock it down and be on it!  I will try to share more on my Instagram with food as well. 

  • Post Workout: Results and Recovery (1 scoop)
  • Breakfast: Shakeology
  • Mid Morning: Breakfast Casserole ( it's eggs with whatever you feel like eating or in my kitchen, leftover veggies or meat from cooking other meals)
  • Lunch: Caprese Meatballs w/ salad or Cream Cheese Pancake Rollups (will roll with arugula and ham and cheese)
  • Dinner: 10 Minute Chili or Mahi Mahi (season and pan cook) with Roasted Veggies or Chicken Thighs (season and bake) and Veggies (roast or pan cook or steam)

One note - Yes, Results and Recovery is pretty high in carbs.  But I find that when I don't have it after Max:30 I'm toast.  I work out first thing in the morning fasted and my tank is just empty by the end it.  I used a full serving the past 2 weeks (2 scoops) but I am going to experiment with 1 scoop next week and see if it works for me.  Shakeology right after workout does NOT do it for me.  It burns through too quickly and I find that my body is still looking for something to burn up when I'm done so I'm hungry after.  That's why I don't just have a Shakeology immediately after my workout.