Mental Shift

I think that I experienced a crazy mental shift this week.  Today I really started embracing the vegetable lifestyle.  As in not just enduring the program but actually really enjoying the food and looking forward to eating my vegetables.  I stopped being sad that my lunch didn't have meat or cheese and started embracing what I am eating.  I haven't been thinking about what I'm not able to have on the reset, but I have been thinking about what I can eat after the reset.  I've been looking at vegan and vegetarian sites and trying to discover more plant based recipes to eat in the weeks to come, especially the week or so after the reset when we are still working the things we want to eat back in our diets.

I think the most surprising thing is that I feel really really good.  I have lots of energy, I have non of the gastro problems that I typically had daily, and I'm sleeping like a well fed baby.  I honestly feel better than I have ever felt.  At least in my memory.  I think that is fueling this desire to keep keeping it clean.  I still really am not sure I want to be vegan or vegetarian or any thing else with a title, but instead keep striving for my version of the food pyramid.  I do know that I want to have vegan and vegetarian days.  Weeks even.  That is definitely a truth for me now.  And having this experience I feel like I can't be stupid and pretend that what I was doing was ok and healthy and eating in a smart way.  I want every meal to be mostly vegetables and fruit.  Maybe 75% at least?  Then that 25% - that's where I can throw in some pasta or rice or even some grilled shrimp.  I want to make sure I keep drinking lots of water and staying hydrated.  I want to monitor how I feel so as I start adding workouts I make sure I keep my body fueled enough to get through those BodyRock and Insanity workouts.  I want keep my weight loss that I've worked so hard for and keep adding to the total in a smart and healthy way.  I want to just keep eating real, healthy, fresh food, and I think I've finally got myself to the place where that actually feels like it's the right choice.