Month 2 of Insanity

Still trying to figure out where December went!  Trying to get into a new rhythm with blogger.  Ever since they changed the iOS app, I haven't really liked it.  You can't save drafts which is really annoying since I usually do not write a post all at one time.  I'll figure something out soon though!

Anyway, wanted to give you a few words on the 2nd month of INSANITY now that it's almost over.

This month was REALLY hard.  Not just because it's a hard program - but because it was December.  I had a lot of social events and some travel and just a lot of life things.  Because of this I don't think I have really lost much weight.  I am a little disappointed with this...but at the same time I'm very happy that I haven't done what I usually do - which is gain tons of weight during the 31 days of December.  Adding to the usual December issues is the fact that the hubby is back full time...which makes it a little harder.  We have lots of habits that individually I think we addressed while he had to work in TN...but together we have to now address them.  We are working on that together though, so that's good.

Now for the workouts:

Max Interval Plyo.  This is pretty much my favorite of the month 2 dvds.  Not expected because I HATED plyo in phase one. This workout sounds like a cardio workout, but in my opinion, it was really more of a strength workout.  Lots of squats, lots of pushups in ways you didn't even know you could do pushups, lots of one legged exercises.  Very sore arms and shoulders from all those pushups.

Max Interval Circuit.  This is my dreaded workout of month 2.  It is WAY more plyo intense to me then the maybe it's partially a case of the unexpected.  It's also super long at an hour and often by the end of it my tank is pretty empty.  This workout is often coupled with the fit test in month 2 - so that adds to the dislike of it.  Personally, I have to pick when I workout and do it all at one time.  So when this is combined with the fit test it is 1.5 hours of pretty much pure hell.

Max Cardio Conditioning. This is the pure cardio of month 2 and while it is intense, I feel like pure cardio is harder.  I do like the workout though.  It's a good length and in general a pretty awesome workout.  I also like the switch up of the non-interval style training once or twice a week.  It's nice to just go all out and be done with the exercise for the day.

Max Recovery.  Okay this workout is a blend of the recovery workout and the strength workout from month 1.  It breaks down into 5 segments and each one has a slightly different focus area of the body or skill.  It's a really refreshing change up because these workouts this month have a TON of jumping.  It's nice to stay on the ground and stretch it out.  It's not an easy workout - don't think that.  It's got a lot of strength moves and the yoga moves are a challenge (at least for me).  I always leave this workout feeling pretty good.

You also do the Core Cardio and Balance workout through this month, which I like.  That is one of my favorite workouts because it really works my problem strength areas.  I have had poor balance and poor core strength for a while and this workout really tackles them both.  I also like the slightly slower pace because it allows me to focus on form, which I feel gives me the best burn.  I am the most sore after this workout while not being so exhausted I just want to sleep.

I'll be done with INSANITY on January 2nd.  I am very excited to be able to say I completed the program and put in for my t-shirt!!!  Am I crazy for being hype over this shirt :)

Anyone with questions about either of the programs I have completed (totally claiming it already!) - the Ultimate Reset or INSANITY - please drop me a comment or an email at!  I would love to help you out or coach you through completing these programs!