More than Meets the Eye

So I've been a Beachbody coach for a few months now.  As you may remember, at first I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it other than the discount for the mega purchase my hubby and I made.  I didn't really get too involved with the other coaches on my team until after the reset because of this...and the few interactions I have had with my teammates and upline coaches have really changed my focus.  These people are some of the nicest, most caring, and awesome people I have met in a long time.  Some of the Diamond coaches in my organization are so inspiring that it just really encourages me to stick with my plans and work even harder on my body and to share the healthy information.  I have always wanted to work in health and fitness and what I have learned is that I can build my team and build a community that allows me to do what I'm passionate about - which is help other people reach their health goals while I'm working to achieve all of my own goals.  On our team webinars I learn so much about not just the business - but myself.  And all of that is really helping me focus on my goals.  All of my goals - financial, physical, career, and personal.  I started writing down my goals list again and affixed dates to each of them.  I am waking up every morning with a renewed sense of purpose and a drive to meet all of these goals so I have a life that is fufilling and whole instead of feeling like I'm just going through the motions.

All this to say I'm SO happy I found my Beachbody coach and my team.  I'm finding that what I am getting out of this for my emotional and health well being is so much more than I thought I would get out of it.  This my friends, is the real benefit of becoming a coach.  The network of people.  I wish I knew that, I would have bought in a long time ago.  But maybe I didn't know because this is the "right time" for me to be in this position.  I may never really know why...but I do know I am going to do the best I can with what I can with this opportunity.

Any rate - I'm throwing my first post-ultimate reset get together at my home today with friends.  We have fruit and veggie and hummus and cheese and pecan crackers (I know...these are new to me too).  Hopefully everyone isn't too freaked out by our 180 degree change (we used to be the pizza and beer and wings kind of people) ha!  

I also had meat for the first time post reset yesterday.  I didn't have much at all...I was worried about the post effects of having meat for the first time in almost 2 months.  But it was fine.  I had a shakeology this am and feel very normal.  That's good because I don't plan on having much meat at home...but occasionally when I am out of the house.  Good that in small doses I don't have any stomach issues.  

I'm also almost ready for INSANITY!!!  Is anyone joining in with me?  I would LOVE to support you through your 60 days as I work through mine :)  I will be searching for a good before and after picture (after all...the beachbody challenge prizes are pretty freaking awesome!!) outfit and posting lots of pictures of my progress on instagram (healthyengineer).  My ultimate goal is to end the program wearing non-plus size pants for the first time in oh...maybe 12 years??  It's a big goal and I know if anything can do it before January - it's  Shaun T and the gang.  

Still hoping to form a challenge group soon and bring you guys into the Team Tenacity family :)  Please message or email me if you are interested (healthyengineer @

Last note - if you are on the east coast please be safe and careful over the next few days as Hurricane Sandy approaches.  I live in Virginia and I have my emergency kit packed with cans of veggies/beans, emergency radio, batteries, candles, and flashlights.  I also have some fresh fruit in the refrigerator that will last a few days if needed.  And of course, lots of shakeology that I can just shake with water and drink for some nutrition if this thing lasts a while.  I'm sending lots of well wishes and prayers to everyone and please be safe.  Gas up your car, get some cash from the ATM, charge up your electronics, and work out an emergency contact plan with your loved ones.  I hope this will not be as bad as they are saying, but being diligent in my preparations just in case it is.