My Latest Obsession

If you are serious about your fitness/health/get a fantastic body mission - you meal prep. You kind of have to do this in one form or another as we all know what poor decision makers we be one when we don't have a ready made meal close at hand. And if you are exercising a fair bit and eating clean - you eat a lot of food. Veggies are crucial but those bad boys aren't high in calories. So you end up being that person. Lugging a lunchbox around. Or a purse full of snacks. And at least for me, it means leaving for work with a lunchbox, purse, laptop bag. And for traveling it meant a lot of manipulating and plotting to get all my stuff on board because as you know - healthy food while traveling is hard. Especially on longer flights and in some of these regional airports. Annoying and frustrating at times.

Well, I recently picked up a new 6 Pack Fitness bag. The Camille to be specific.

20140802-231725-83845091.jpg Truth - I really wanted the Renee. And still do because it's sleek and professional. But it's been out of stock since like hour 2 of the pre-order back in April and I wanted a solution now because I had a need for it. I had a 3 meal 6 pack a while back but I kind of ruined it and made the mistake of replacing it with the 5 meal at the advice of my then nutritionist and that was too much for me. I avoided buying another after that because I wasn't using the 5 meal and didn't want to but another 3 meal so soon. But I knew this style was the winner for me once these purse style ones came out, so I went ahead and jumped back in. And I'm so glad I did. For one, it's easy and less obvious I'm carrying food around when I'm out. It's perfect for travel, I can fit EVERYTHING I would ever need in the purse section, and there are plenty of pockets. The side pockets give perfect access to a water bottle or blender bottle or can be used for easy access to keys and phone if only using one/neither of the pockets.

Today I took it out loaded with the food in the picture above for the hubby and I. Everything stayed cold all day (around 11 hours). And it was so easy to stay on track because I had all my snacks with me. I walked into a movie theatre with no problem later in the day so bonus :)

So long story short - if you need to have the right food around you to stay on might want to check into these bags here. They have all kinds of styles/price points so you can find something that fits! I'm not affiliated with them in any way, this isn't paid or anything. It's just a product I love and I am *immediately* noticing a positive impact on my life from :)