No Longer a Dreamer

I read a quote somewhere this weekend.  I think on twitter, but it could have been instagram or a blog.  I wish I remembered where I read it, but anyway, the quote was "a goal is a dream with a deadline." The way I took that was that I really need to make more concrete goals and put some dates into that goal.  Then move hell and high water to meet those goals.  The make new ones, lather rinse repeat.

I got to where I am today with the generic goal of I want to lose weight.  The only real specific I have had was that I wanted to lose 50 total lbs by Christmas.  And my focus has been hit or miss.  Not that total laser focus that you need to achieve something this hard.  So I'm at the point now though that I need to set some new goals.  I am only 3 lbs away from 50 lbs lost so I think I can just do a complete re-start on this.

Goal #1: Complete October challenge without any missed days
Goal #2: Complete the full INSANITY program (starting Nov 1, you in?)
Goal #3: Stick the diet I've developed since the Ultimate Reset (clean eating, very limited processed foods (if any), shakeology daily (vegan chocolate is coming this month - I've heard this stuff is amazing)).

Those are my two goals and their deadlines.  I thought about setting a new goal for weight loss.  X lbs by X date.  But I decided that for now, I'm not going to do that.  I'm losing weight/inches at a really rapid rate right now with Turbo Fire and I know when it gets to INSANITY it will be the same thing. I'm still going to weigh in on Mondays and celebrate all the losses.  But I think right now my goal setting focus is going to be on the behaviors that I need for success more than the outcomes.  I think in general we as a whole sometimes focus too much on what the scale says (the outcome) and not enough on the diet and exercise (the inputs) that it takes to get there.  We sometimes don't make the required sacrifices in the input department but still expect awesome outputs.  And the thing is that sometimes we don't have reason to change the focus.  That is until we start to see continuous poor outputs and can't figure out why the same inputs have become broken code.  With any machine or program or recipe, if it came out wrong or gave you a messed up product at the end, you would immediate go and see what's wrong with the process that resulted in that bad result and fix whatever it is.  We wouldn't waste time repeating the same broken process over and over.  But we do that with weight loss often.  We don't fix the process.  Right now - I'm in the mode to fix the process, because if I do that, then the machine will work and the outputs will come.