Non-Scale Notes

I went for a run/walk's been a long time.  But according to Nike+ I didn't do so bad pace wise.  I felt much better than the last one in June or so - those lbs I've lost the last few months are helping.  Running is not my favorite activity mainly because I am too overweight to enjoy it.  I mean let's be honest - it's not comfortable to run when you are not fit.  It can't be and if you say it is you are lying :) It's uncomfortable and hard and just ugh.   But it works and I used to be a runner of sorts and I sometimes miss being that runner.  So I'm going to try to become one again by walking and running occasionally until I can run more and more and more.  Today I only ran about a half mile.  And saying ran is a very generous description of a shuffle.  But I feel the work I did and feel good about it.  Good mentally.  Destroyed physically.  I tried to do some JM Trouble Zones afterwards to get some weight in...child please.  My legs are a mess and my arms are tired too.  Takes a lot of arm pumping to get this booty down the street.  I did manage about 25 min though!

My taste buds are all maturing and becoming healthified.  I ate at Ruby Tuesdays the other day.  Just needed a break from cooking and wanted something different.  Made a HUGE garden bar salad and had the tilapia trio.  Only ate about a third of the trio (ate the rest just a few minutes ago for dinner).  I then ordered dessert to go.  I haven't had dessert in over a month and I've been JONESING for some.  Before I lose my mind in a pint of something awful, I had something small.  The thing is - everything just tastes weird.  The fish a little too salty and the dessert was mega sweet.  Wow.  It cured that need for something different and sweet and now I really just was ok.  I guess my body is really adapting to this new eating style.  That's good.  I walked right through the sweet stuff at the grocery store today (my store is shady - the yogurt/eggs/milk/cheese is across from the ice cream) and felt just fine.  No cravings, no longing, no desire to get anything.  This, this is a new thing.  A good thing, it sure is easier to stick to eating veggies when the dessert isn't calling out to you AND when you know it won't taste as good as you think anymore.

Olympics - I'm such an addict.  I mean I waited SO long to go workout because I was in the sports zone.  Woke up and watched track prelims, then Serena (because really, did Sharapova do anything??), then diving and trampoline...more track...volleyball...more track.  It's ridiculous.  I'm currently watching beach volleyball.  It happens every 2 years now that I go into the Oly hole of no return....I love this stuff.