Non scale victory - jet style

Today was my first flight in a while. My first flight since coming home and starting the ultimate reset in fact.

My first flight in about 30 lbs.

And let me tell you how *different* it was. I sat in a window seat. I don't ever pick that unless I'm with my hubby because I'm do worried about being squeezed into that spot. But I picked it today. There was a guy already in the aisle (who turned out to be that jackass type traveler who thinks the no electronics rule doesn't apply to him) and I was nervous. Usually my hips are right against the seat, spilling over a bit. I'm a hippy girl and that's just where I have always carried a lot of weight. Well this time, I fit fine. I had ROOM. This was crazy. Buckled in and no hoping and praying the seatbelt fit. I have never used an extender, but to be honest I was damn close. Not today, extra belt! It was fabulous :) It was one of those non scale moments that makes you realize how far you have come and that you really are doing something.

Being big, I think I don't appreciate my weight accomplishments. 30 lbs to me - I'm still plus sized and still fat to the world. It's sometimes easy to forget that even though I'm still not at my goal, I have done a lot. I fly a lot. This was flight 30-something for me this year. So this is a place where I have had to really face my weight and where I could really see that I am shrinking. It feels sooo good :) gives me so much motivation to keep it up!