November Exercise Challenge Poll!

Yes, I know October JUST started, but I wanted to open up voting on the November challenge. I want to do this for two reasons - because I want to do a challenge that you readers are interested in learning more about and because I'm hoping that if I get the voting done early enough some of you can join in with me next month!  This month was a day of decision...but next month I want to plan better and make it more interesting for me and for you!  Plus I'm all about the group motivation and we can all do a challenge together to make things more fun.  I set the poll to end on the 22nd and will post the results ASAP so anyone who is interested can go about procuring the program of the month or just get geared up.

So just go right over to the right hand side and vote on the exercise program for November.  I offered 4 options (Insanity, BodyRock, Strength/Cardio (Gym), and JM Body Revolution) and a write in option (leave a comment here).

Option #1 - Insanity
I plan on doing the first 30 days of the Insanity program if that option is selected.  Don't know about Insanity?  It's a sports training total body conditioning program that is pretty hard core but works.  When I did a month this summer I lost quite a few inches.Check it out here:

Option #2 - BodyRock
I will follow the workout of the day that is posted (typically mon - fri).  In the past when I have done this I had really good results.  The workouts are short (12-25 minutes typically) but use high intensity intervals to really get a great burn. Check it out here.  

Option #3 - Strength/Cardio (gym)
I will follow one of the programs I have on my computer or from one of my books (like the New Rules of Lifting or something like that) for a gym based strength and cardio month.  Generally about 4 days of lifting and 3 days of cardio (no more than 5 days a week).

Option #4 - Jillian Michaels Body Revolution
I will follow the first month's schedule.  This is a strength and cardio program that in typical Jillian fashion kicks your butt and leaves you crying.  Check it out here.  

Option #5 - write in!  Whatever you suggest.  Even if it doesn't win, I certainly will check it out and it may pop up on another month's poll.  The only thing I will say - don't suggest swimming - I have no pool access!