Nutrition Plan - Wake Up Call

So the first thing I noticed about my plan was the calorie count - 2500 calories a day.  Whoa - that's a lot of calories.  But I guess when it's all clean and healthy food you can eat more.  Okay so today was day like 0.5.  I did a lot of prep yesterday (I got my meal plan last night) so I ate most of the day on the plan.  This evening though I had a non-plan dinner, mainly because I had some food left over that I wanted to finish and also because I didn't have anything prepared for dinner to eat on plan yet.  I finished that up today while watching Army Wives so now I'm ready for tomorrow to be an all day affair.

All of the meals are fine and I think I will be okay doing this long term.  The only meal that I really hate is the breakfast.  It's too much food....way too much food.  I really am not that big into breakfast foods in general - and the amount of food she planned was crazy.  Even with subbing out the protein shake for the egg whites (EIGHT) of them - I was barely making it through the oatmeal.  There was an option in the drop down for 2 tortillas - and I think I'm going to switch to that.  Then I can have it with the egg whites and make breakfast burritos with veggies and salsa.  That is so much more appealing than oatmeal and egg whites (why do people insist on putting these together??) and on top of both of those a cup of melon.  I'm going to send her a note about that change and see what she says.