October Challenge: 1 Week In!

Two posts today since I forgot to actually post yesterday's post on time :)

Today I have officially finished one week of my October Turbo Pump challenge.  It has been a good week, a really good week.  One of the things I have always loved about the X day programs are the schedule and consistency.  I love not having to really think about what I'm going to do other than wake up and get it moving.  This was my first time playing around with the schedule and I like what I did this week and am going to model the rest of the weeks with it.  The first month of Pump is pretty light, so it makes it easy to combine the programs.  I'm really feeling my stamina and strength improving with every workout.  It's also nice that the reset did a number on my stomach in terms of inches lost.  Today I did the Stretch 40 workout which is a good yoga based stretch dvd.  It was MUCH easier to get into poses than it has been in forever because my stomach is so much smaller.  It's nice and I feel like yoga was actually a workout because I was just able to do more and really push into the pose.  I have always had a good level of flexibility - but now I can actually use that and push farther.  

This week's workouts were:
Monday - Fire 30
Tuesday - Pump Challenge + HIIT 15
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Fire 30 + Flow
Friday - Fire 55 EZ
Saturday - Pump Challenge + Fire 30
Sunday - Core 20 + Stretch 40

Not going to lie - this week pushed me.  These workouts are not easy and I'm doing about an hour a day.  But I'm pushing for results so that means workout hard.  Turbo Fire is a 6 day a week program, so it just means I need to work hard to keep up with it. 

Tomorrow I'll be posting my weight for this week's weigh in, see you then!