Pre Workout Showdown

20131206-233224.jpg Last month I decided to try a new pre-workout – Cellucor C4 (blue raspberry flavor). I decided to try this mainly because I have seen SO many people talk about it being the best pre-workout and since I workout at o’dark thirty in the morning I am a fan of the pre-workout movement. For the past year I have been using Beachbody’s Energy and Endurance (E&E) as my pre-workout so that is my “baseline reference” so to speak. I will note: I do not use a pre-workout every day. I don’t believe in taking a supplement just to take one, I only take it when I’m tired and need a pick me up. This means that I do typically take it on Mondays though J But seriously – I have some weeks where I use it almost every morning and some weeks where I just have it on Monday. The one side benefit of this is that I have never noticed that I’m adapting to my pre-workout and I’ve never had to take more than the normal serving size of 2 scoops of E&E…so my tubs last a while.

The reason I wanted to lay out my use is because I am using C4 in exactly the same manner that I used E&E. I did not want to do anything different to ruin the results of my little experiment. So here is the run down:

Taste: C4

Clear stand out winner here is C4, at least the blue raspberry flavor that I bought is WAY better than the lemon-lime flavor of E&E. As my hubby says – it tastes like kool-aid. Maybe that’s why people drink it every day…it tastes really really good.

Cost: E&E

30 servings of E&E is $29.99 and 30 servings of C4 is $49.99 (list prices from the company websites). NOW - both can be cheaper if you please (wait for a sale online, using a discount card at GNC, or a Beachbody coach membership). With my coach discount E&E is still cheaper than the discount price I got on my C4 (sale for $34.99). Both also come in larger containers (90 servings of E&E / 60 of C4) which can also get you more bang for your buck.

Ingredients: E&E

Hands down. E&E uses natural sweeteners and ingredients. C4 uses artificial flavors and coloring agents.

Effectiveness: Tie

Not going to lie…I bought the hype. I expected to get a huge kick in the face of energy from C4. I felt a boost sure…but it was the same boost I get from E&E. That’s not a BAD thing…I don’t want to make it sound like it is. I just bought the hype on C4 being ridiculous from all the reviews I have seen and it wasn’t anything more than what I was already taking.

So at the end of the day – C4 is a solid product. It tastes great and it delivers an energy boost. I’m glad I took a chance to try it out for sure, I love having a reference for products I don’t regularly use because I do get questions about them from my team and some of my IG followers!

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