Prep and BodyRock Lite

BodyRock recently added BodyRock Lite to their burn, sculpt, flow product line.  I did my first lite workout this morning and loved it!!!  Lite is really a misnomer.  It's not easier and it's not really any faster (this morning took me 23:02 to finish) and it's definitely not any less reps.  The difference between lite and a typical burn workout is the simplicity of the exercises and equipment.  This was today's workout:

1) 100 Sumo Side Lifts – Using the pink Sandbag
2) Push-Ups – 50/75
3) Tricep Dips – 50/75
4) Step Ups – 50 Left & 50 Right Leg
5) 15 Slow Stability Ball Crunch With Maximum Weight –  Using the pink Ugi ball & Sandbag or Stability Ball (I threw in 15 w/o weight as well)

I did 50 of 2 and 3 and it was a workout.  I was dripping sweat and feeling great.  The difference between this and typical is that I didn't have to study the video a million times and/or watch it during the workout to get through it.  I also had to make no modifications b/c I couldn't complete the workouts.  I really like these lite workouts as they allow me to complete the workout exactly as written with no issues.  

Low-Carb Prep.  I've been studying Atkins again.  It's been a long time (maybe 8 or 9 years) since I've done it.  And I only did induction back then.  This time I want to do the whole program and see where it takes me.  I've been reading up and also starting to look at the foods I eat to see how much sugar and net carbs they have.  Eye opening.  My plan right now is to lower my carbs for the next week or so (until I get back from my trip next weekend).  Then I'd like to hit induction hard. I may have another trip immediately following my weekend trip and if that happens, then I may shift a bit.  I actually think Atkins would be easier on the road than a low-fat/low-calorie diet though, so I may give it a shot.  I'm going to reserve that decision until I do a little more research into convenience foods (I know - not ideal but for travel it's a reality I need to research) and see if I can create some good list of snacks that are shelf stable in the case I don't have a refrigerator in my room and/or a kitchenette to prepare some simple foods (boiled eggs mainly).