Produce Explosion

This week so far I have been throwing back veggies and fruit and water like crazy. I was feeling very run down from all the travel + social events the past week, so that made the decision to be super clean very easy. So here are (most of) my eats the last few days.


As you can see, I like to drink my calories :) I usually don't, but this week I decided to experiment with smoothie recipes to up my raw produce intake because chewing veggies is really annoying after a time. And to mix it up so I don't get bored. For dinner I've been eating my FAVORITE recipe I've found since changing my eating lifestyle - black eyed pea jambalaya - with fresh fruit and veggies. So far I'm feeling much better. I ate too much cheese this weekend and I could tell on Monday morning - I was bloated and sluggish. Already feeling 100% better. I also am making sure to go to bed on time, so that is helping too. It's a little mini reset :)

I am ready for the rest of the week. I'll probably eat most of the same thing, but I have a few recipes in my hip pocket if we run out of the jambalaya. I made the hubby a casserole for lunch (there is NO way I'm getting him on board for a week of salads for lunch lol), so I may need to cook my backup recipes. I also may need to make more salad dressing!