It's been a few weeks since I decided to buckle down, get strict, and get my butt moving towards my goal instead of towards the kitchen.  Progress so far:

Weight wise I'm not sure since I have not weighed in for a minute.  But visually I see a huge difference in my middle.  And my energy levels.  I feel AWESOME.  Freaking awesome. 

The plan this month: keeping food simple, almost no dairy since Sunday, cutting processed sugar by a HUGE amount, and being focused in general. The focus is huge.  My workouts are focused.  I think about how I feel before I go into a workout.  I put the phone away.  I close the door if I'm in our little dojo.  I sometimes swap a workout out if I need it mentally. Every workout is 100% of whatever I have that day.  And if I am really tired - then I rest.  I follow a woman named Amy on IG who is a fitness competitor and she talks a lot about that last part.  Listening to your body and letting that guide you instead of a calendar.  And I've been copying that mentality and as you can see - it's been working well for me. Speaking of fitness my workout has been mainly Insanity with Focus T25 thrown in (mainly because I sometimes lose track of time in the morning trying to wake up and boom - it's too late for a longer workout) and Body Beast (I love it so much) thrown in. 

The plan going forward - more of the same.  Focused clean eating.  Cooking much of my food.  Saying NO when it's appropriate.  Working out hard and burning all the calories. 

I'm going to start doing progress pics every 2 weeks.  In this outfit.  Let's see what 2 more weeks gets me.  My goal is to get that shirt a little looser :)