Quick Core Circuit

Last night I wanted to get a quick workout in after getting home from the baseball game.  I had so much extra energy and I needed to tire myself out. You know, like one would do a 3 year old :)  I had only a few requirements - only spend 30-45 minutes max, needed to focus on core, and I didn't want it too cardio based since I am still building my calories up for exercise post Ultimate Reset and didn't want to burn too many calories and have too huge a deficit.  Not cute (and it's actually NOT good for weight loss to starve yourself folks, despite what you may have heard).  Anyway, I came up with this little fun circuit below at my hotel gym.  Remember I am not a personal trainer...I just play one on my blog.  So be smart about this and modify as necessary for your own fitness level and equipment.  I have linked to descriptions of all of the exercises so you can see how to do them if they are new to you :)  Note on Bodybuilding.com they list if an exercise is beginner or not, so use these ratings as a guide! Warm Up: Exercise bike: 15 minutes on random at a decent level.  You want to break a sweat here, this isn't a ride in the park deal.

Core Circuit - perform 2x through:

This morning I'm feeling my core and my buns, so I feel like I got a pretty good workout in about 40 minutes last night.  If you try this, let me know if you like it :)