Rest Day Eve

Well I have completed another block of 5 straight days of beasting up and earned the right to the beloved rest day. I will spend it getting a new hair color and my nails done. A little pampering. Because after all: 


Anywho. This block of 5 days was easier because I wasn't nearly as sore as I was week 1. So I was able to up my weights and go a little harder in the cardio workout. I feel my upper body responding already. That's where I usually see things happen first, I'm a classic pear. I'm going to have to get the fat off the top before my hips/thighs join the party. I will be curious when I get my body fat done in another week (between build/bulk) to see what changed and what didn't I would love to see some body fat difference but I'm not sure if that would happen in just 3 weeks. 

I do think I might try a different approach to macros next week. Cooking from the Book of the Beast it's very easy to do macros. But branching out a bit it's gotten harder. I think I will use the calorie conversions and use that to figure out what to eat during menu planning.  I might give classic logging calories a try for a bit and see how that works.  I know right nutrition is my key at this point, just need to figure out what that means for me and how I can consistently do it right.