Resting and 6 Weeks In!

I forgot to post my check in!  I didn't have one last week because I was on travel for work.  But here we are halfway through my nutrition program.  I'll be honest - traveling sucks for weight loss and consistency.  Every time I go on travel and I come back home I feel out of control with eating and eating right.  It's really hard for me to just jump right back on track and this week with the two work trips, little to no fresh food in the house, and general exhaustion.  The general exhaustion is a theme here.  I think I'm too much like my mom in that I really don't take breaks and vacations and I'm always "on" all the time.  I haven't taken a proper vacation (meaning more than 3 days in a row out of the office for only relaxation purposes) in literally a year.  Additionally, I've spent a lot of my time running through airports (according to my tripit account I've been away from home on 15 different trips already this year) and I think that plays into the stress and lack of rest.  I think I'm just so run down that the mental energy tank I need to work out and focus on diet and work and be a responsible adult is about empty.  Looking at everything now, I think that same thing happened last year and contributed to the breakdown I had with diet and exercise.  I was just exhausted and out of the strength to do all that stuff.  Lesson learned.  I am definitely going to think about this because I see the breakdown coming.

Now for the check in.  It wasn't as good with so much travel and these breakdowns.  I was the same weight.  But I did lose .1% body fat, so that's good.  Means I'm maintaining and not losing muscle.  I also had a HUGE drop in my stomach measurement - 3 inches.  I'm sure that comes from being active, even though I wasn't eating as well.  And also that is why I probably stayed the same instead of gaining weight.  This week, I took some time off from exercise kind of accidentally.  I was supposed to meet with the trainer Monday and Wednesday in the evening and it really threw me for a loop.  I cannot do evenings anymore like that, I was exhausted every night and had lots of trouble sleeping and lots trouble waking up.  Noted.  Now I'm switching back to mornings this weekend, which is odd because I'm going on vacation anyway, but I'm hoping to stay active in the morning while I'm gone.  I'm really ready to get back to my mornings because I can tell the difference and tell why I wasn't working out as consistently when I was doing evenings (I just switched to mornings in January of this year).  If work was stressful and awfully annoying (which this week has been every.  single.  day.) I had zero energy, desire, and willpower to do anything.  And I never got into it....the whole thing was just bad.  So I ended up with a bit of down time this week because I was so exhausted.  I am ready to hit it hard and get back to the schedule that works for me tomorrow.