Review: Beachbody Energy and Endurance Pre-Workout Formula

I have been complaining for a little while about my energy pre-am workout.  I had been thinking of trying a pre-workout but I have been really not interested in some of them because of the reviews I've seen.  I don't want to be wired or jittery or really even notice that much of an energy boost.  I just want to feel like I'm fully awake when I really am not because I've only been up for like 30 minutes.  Or when I do have to workout at night and I'm dragging butt. Enter the Beachbody super summer sale and the fact that 90 days of the Energy and Endurance Pre-Workout (E&E) was available for a severely reduced price.  I decided to try it mainly because (1) some of the people I look up to for clean nutrition because they truly live the life actually use it and (2) it has no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.  These were important to me because as I try to continuously clean my diet up.

So anyway, I have tried it twice so far and wanted to share my thoughts with you in case you were thinking of picking it up from the Summer Sale.

Trial 1 - Night Workout.  The first time I tried E&E was when I was tired from my day and was working out (plyo cardio circuit) at like 8pm on Saturday.  I only used one scoop because I don't do a lot of caffeine anyway mixed with 8 oz of water, and drank about half before my workout and the other half as I worked out.  I did notice the boost here quite a bit.  I perked up so to speak slowly, but by the end of the warm up I felt pretty good.  I did not feel a rush, but I did feel the energy pick up.  I wore my heart rate monitor and my high/low HR was the usual number, but I had a bigger calorie burn (about 60 calories more than my typical burn), mostly because I was able to work longer before taking a break and took fewer breaks overall.  Note that this is all compared to a fresh workout for calorie burn and breaks.  Before this trial use I walked around for about 4 hours shopping, lol.  I was pretty tired.  And I was not expecting this type of performance at all.  Thumbs up.

Trial 2 - Morning Workout.  This morning before Pure Cardio I tried E&E again.  I used the same quantity as trial 1 and in the same way.  I woke up and went straight into my workout as usual in the morning.  To be honest, I didn't really feel any energy boost like I did from the first time.  I wasn't tired this morning so I wonder if when I'm not tired I need 2 scoops to get a boost?  Definitely a trial to do soon.  I also am wondering if because it was pure cardio (which is relatively short - only 15 minutes during the actual workout portion) that I just didn't see it?  Lots of questions here...still need to figure out for non-tired days how it would work for me.

In summary - I do think that if you are dragging behind and looking for a boost before you get into the workout - check out.  I'm personally not convinced I need this daily at all and honestly would not use it daily because I wouldn't want to get so used to it that I need to have a bunch of scoops or it doesn't work when I really need it because my body is used to it.  I definitely see it being a staple on days I'm not feeling it because I'm tired or didn't sleep well before a morning workout.  I also am very curious about it during month 2 of INSANITY (2 weeks before that craziness starts) when the workouts go to a full hour or more some days...I will have to wake up earlier and probably will need a boost more than these short workouts.

If you are interested in checking out more about E&E, you can find it in my Beachbody store.