Road Rules

I'm on the road this weekend to Tennessee. This kicks off a busy month of travel for me as I'll be in California next week and Texas later this month. My job requires a decent bit of travel and I like to travel for fun, so I spend a lot of time on the road. I'm constantly trying to figure out how to be healthy on the road. It's a hard, but not impossible task and I'm constantly building my toolbox.

I'll post a detailed travel list when I'm back with my computer as I'm posting via my iPhone now. But the basic plan is to move as much as possible while eating well. I'm the girl at work who always books hotels with gyms and takes her Gymboss everywhere. That's the best travel advice and tool I use. Even if you search online for local gyms if you need - sweating is a must.

That said, I had a 45 min date with the elliptical this am and a decent lunch. I actually did something I don't usually do, exercise after breakfast. Then I was promptly reminded why I don't do that. My blood sugar must have tanked as I was pretty out of it. I told my hubby I needed to eat ASAP and I had a large but necessary amount of bread and water. I was fine after that and by the time my salad showed up I was about my wits again.

I'll be back to bodyrock this week. My bicep is all healed up, the rest did my body good. I have no pain and I feel great. Rest is so necessary!