Shakeology Taste Test!


Alright team, it's time again for another Shakeology taste test!

What is that?  Simple. It's you trying Shakeology for 4 days and seeing how it works for you and how you feel with it. You have 2 options - you can join with the 4 day sample pack or you can commit to a longer trial - 30 days- and get a full workout program at a huge discount. Eithet option is fine, it's really up to you to do what makes you comfortable. If you are really interested in a Beachbody program I recommend going with the 30 day trial as you will boost your results. If you are just not sure about that commitment, join the 4 day trial.  

I am running a private group with recipes, tips, and workout program previews so you can see if Beachbody is truly for you! 

if you are interested, email me - and let's get this taste test started!