Shaun T Made Me Do It!

Do what?  Restart Insanity Max 30.  It's kind of not really a restart since the program is the same for the first 2 weeks anyway.  So it's more of adding a 3rd week.  But Shaun T started the program Monday and is posting daily tips and motivation on his facebook page and you know what - that's worth doing an extra week.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - the program that works best for you usually is the one with the trainer you love and want to hang out with in real life.  And that's why I rock with Shaun T.  That and I KNOW I will get results.  And in 30 minutes, yes please. 

Food wise, the hubby and I are doing lowish carb right now.  I'll admit - it's not something I would do if I wasn't married to someone who wants to do low carb.   But in our house of 2 it's just easiest to do the same diet and for right now, this is it. It's lowish carb because it's not really keto or Atkins.  I drink a Shakeology every day, usually in the morning with a little fruit.  But the rest of the day I don't do processed carbs.  I do try to eat higher fat because that helps tremendously with satiety.  The Shakeology is the BOMB for digestion.  Not to get too TMI - but if you eat lower/low/no carb you know it does impact the body when it comes to the bathroom and how often you go.  Some people take fiber supplements to stay lower carb.  I choose to drink Shakeology to give me a good dose of good for you with my fiber.  My hubby started drinking Shakeology again despite the carbs because he still loses weight and it handles that side effect of low carb and immediately noticed the difference as well. 

Anyway - that's where I am right now.  I really am excited to see what happens.  I originally planned to do a Beast/Max 30 hybrid.  Now I think I'm going to just stick with Max 30 (getting up in the morning again - it's been a rough adjustment) and throw in Beast on the weekend or on days I have spare time.  I've been working hard this year on the productivity so I just have not had the time to do more than one workout some days.  Which I'm absolutely fine with because time management is a BIG problem I am tackling in 2015.  As long as I do one workout 5-6 days a week, I'm a happy woman.