Slow Motion

I am so so so ready for the three day weekend coming up.  August has been a fast and furious time for me.  Looking for a job, leaving a job, and starting a new job.  And this is probably going to sound kind of dumb - but being able to do absolutely nothing yet at my new job because of that normal new job start up time is actually really exhausting.  It's boring just doing training and reading stuff that is not really pertinent to work yet all day for 40 hours a week.  But it's almost over, I think next week I'll be up and running :) Anyway, the past few weeks I have gone HARD on Focus T25 ya'll.  I mean hard.  Pushing, focusing on form, and I even snuck in a little sneak peek of Gamma phase.  And I'm really excited with the fact that I'm sore as heck right now.  I mean my legs and core are definitely saying - okay, I feel you.  Do know what the biggest difference has been?

I kind of stopped doing the "fast" version and started spending more time following Tania.  I started going s l o w e r and adjusted my thoughts on what that meant.

Often we think that we have to go HARD to get results.  With INSANITY I never expected to keep up and I never really could.  So I always worked at my pace with no expectation of keeping up and I often did my own modifications and made it work for me.  And I was sore and I saw results.

Enter Focus T25 and now after a few rounds of INSANITY - guess what?  I kind of can keep up with the workouts.  So I went for it, hard.  And a few weeks in I started to wonder why I wasn't feeling anything.  Why I was not seeing anything really, lots of maintaining.  I can do ALL the moves!  And then I started slowing down.  Mostly because I noticed that I ended up doing this anyway on the 2nd workout of the double day and I was always wiped out afterwards.  And then I read an article posted by Carl Daikler about how INSANITY grads could benefit from Focus T25 and the emphasis was on form.  This week I have been going very slow and I'm feeling the burn.  I'm getting a better workout.  I'm pushing myself in a different way - a way that is actually the challenge that my body needs right now.

This was just a reminder of how individual the journey is for all of us.  I learn SO much from my teammates, challengers, and friends that I do these workouts with.  I also learn from just paying attention to how my body reacts to the workouts.  If you are doing workouts and not feeling that you are getting all you should out of it, take a second and think about why.  It could be how you are attacking the workout, that it's the wrong workout, or maybe something else.