Speedy 25

Today's workout was Speed 1.0.  Speed 1.0 is a weird workout to be honest.  It starts with a mix of intense cardio (a minute) followed by a stretch.  It's surprisingly hard because of the interval training that this puts into the workout.  You go WAY up on the heart rate scale then come back down for the stretch.  It's a brilliant way to make a short workout super intense and incorporate a stretch. After the interval section comes the burnout.  You go through all the cardio workouts from the interval section back to back with no breaks.  It's tough and intense and I had to definitely follow Tania at times (speaking of which, the hubs calls it Tania 25 cause he's loving the modification, lol!) because it was intense.  Especially through the breakdown.  There is a LOT of jumping in this one, so don't be afraid to use the modifications if you need!

I think this one is definitely the hardest one so far as far as intensity.  I definitely think beginners will find Tania's modifications give you a fantastic workout with out a doubt.  I also think some of us more advanced peeps will find ourselves doing the mods at times too.

We are also on day 2 of the fast track modified.  Yesterday was fantastic - no hunger from either of us.  Today I'm making some switches, I'm going to do the Roasted Tofu instead of the chicken.  So I alternate vegetarian meals with meat meals for the rest of the week.  Another tip - the top of the recipe says one serving for the roasted tofu.  Then the bottom line of the directions says one serving is 1/4th of the recipe.  I figured this out after buying 4 lbs of tofu unfortunately.  Hopefully this helps you out before you have a ridiculous amount of tofu then realizing something must be wrong.  So oops.  I hope the recipe is good because I have a lot of tofu to eat now.  Does tofu freeze?  Questions questions.