Stocked for Success

Well, with the end of the reset comes a challenge- a business trip. This is obviously altering my approach to the last few days of the reset and my entry into post reset life. In the face of a challenge like this where does a girl head? Whole Foods of course!!

I stocked my room fridge with fruit, vegan pre-prepared foods (sushi, grain salad, pre-portioned veggie only salads) and water. I also have some sunflower seeds and some vega packets. Those are NOT all for this week at all. But I've been curious about them, so I bought one of each flavor to try lol. I've never seen some of these flavors before, like vanilla chai, so I had to go for it.

These items will get me through breakfast and lunch while on the road. I decided that I would stay vegan this week as much as I can since I'm on the road and in general have less knowledge of what I'm eating. But I definitely need to increase my cals a bit because it's gym time!!!