Super Bowl Eats

So are you like me and somehow let the Super Bowl sneak up on you?  I am so swamped with work and life and trying to keep up with my exercise that I kind of am letting it almost past without any planning.  My team is NEVER in the big game....but I do still like to watch.

This year is going to be a smaller affair since we aren't having guests over since we don't get CBS on our HD antenna, sigh.  It's the worse part of being a cord in a signal dead zone for CBS.  So we will be streaming it on the computer.  Because of that, I'm going simple but hearty (and healthy) for the meal.  It's also during my Operation Size 16 you know I'm not going crazy.

I am going to repeat a favorite recipe - the Butternut Squash and Chickpea Stew recipe.  It's an excellent vegan meal that both the man and I love.  It's supposed to be really cold this weekend, so I'm thinking that it will be a great comfort food dish.  It's super filling from the squash and the stew so it will keep me from wanting too many snacks.