The Case for Personal Development

So much of our success is based on mindset.  That's why a lot of personal development gurus suggest you have a mantra or a power word.  It's to make sure you start your day/work with your mind in the right place.  I believe the Law of Attraction is mostly based around being positive in your thoughts because that translates to others who you interact with.  You know that person that you don't like being around because they are always negative - the Debbie Downer - and they bring you down?  Imagine if you are that person and you take that aura of negativity into your workout.  Think you are going to have an amazing fat crushing workout?  Or are you going to just get through it putting nothing extra in? 

I think that last year even though I didn't intentionally set out with a negative mindset, I had it.  I was too desperate to achieve my goals on a timeline that wasn't really realistic for me.  I was angry that I wasn't meeting milestones I had for myself.  I was overwhelmed after a huge move and career change.  I was frustrated with injuries that prevented me from doing my soul mate workout.  I was not focused.  I wasn't meditating as frequently as I did in years before.  I didn't sleep well. 

I'm not ashamed of any of those feelings.  I don't think I really understood what was going on because I wasn't doing the activities that would have made me look at my actions in a different light - like personal development and meditation.  So I just got more and more frustrated.  Once I started reading and focusing myself a little more, I found a way out of that frustration. 

I'm not saying personal development is a magic tool - but I am saying it can really help you have a strong mindset and dig up where you are getting stuck before it leads to total frustration and plateaus.  I sometimes struggle on taking the time out of other things I want to do for this, but it is so valuable to do, I see that now.  And there are ways to do this without it becoming a burden.

So I challenge you to read/listen one personal development book or do one online course (totally suggest 30 Day Push - it's free and amazing) before March 1st.  I will start listening to - You are a Badass by Jen Sincero this week.  I like listening to books because it's a great way to turn my drive to and from work into a positive growth opportunity.  Also when cleaning or doing other chores (way for this to not be a burden time wise while you build the habit!). 

Let me know what you read/listen/do!