The Traveler

Hitting the road for a few days of work followed by a few days of fun.  I'm so ready.  I travel about 1-2 weeks a month typically for work and maybe once every other month for fun.  I've been in the office for 3 straight weeks and I've had a massive case of cabin fever so the timing for all this is perfect.  Not that work is any easier on the road - but it's just nice to get away.

That said - it's not time to get away from the plan.  I've lost a lot of weight week one of the plan (6.6 lbs!!!!) and I know if I want to keep that off and keep it moving I have to keep putting in work.  And yes, I know that I won't lose almost 7 lbs every single week (or ever again most likely) but I'm enjoying the first week of the nutrition plan + the first week of insanity double wammy on my scale :)

So what's the plan?

1. Insanity!  The beauty of Insanity is that it is a cardio only program that requires no equipment.  So I'm bringing it with me, at least for the work portion.  The fun portion is with my hubby, so I probably won't be able to hop around the hotel room at 6am without risking divorce so I will most likely take it to the hotel gym.

2. Folder of knowledge.  I have a folder that has my Max Muscle Nutrition plan, Insanity schedule, the Dining Out Guide from Fitbook and some other general info from the nutritionist.  I'm not at home but I can strive to order as close to the plan as possible and I can use the dining out guide to help me navigate situations that are hard.  I won't be picking the restaurant for a lot of this trip, so it's vital I have a game plan.

3. Workout gear.  Goes without saying - but unless it's literally an overnight there and back trip, I always carry my shoes, fitness clothes, and sports bras.  For a trip for this long where I have multiple workouts planned, I bring 2 sets of clothes so I can rinse out and hang up to dry between workouts.  It's impractical usually to bring more than 2 full sets and have room for everything else I need.

4. Fitbook.  I know, I'm a junkie.  But it is the best food/fitness journal ever.  I plan on doing my weekly wrap up and plan tomorrow AM on my flight so I walk into my first meal out of town (lunch w/ coworkers) with a fresh plan in my head.

5. Smash Inspiration Book.  I'm a scrapbooker and I bought a smash book a while back because it was the craze on all the boards.  Yeah I got sucked in.  But I didn't know what to smash.  Well the other week I decided to make my smash book my vision board.  This way it's easily portable and I can have it with me to look at when times are rough and when I need extra umph to keep it going.  Also if something strikes me when I'm on the road, I can just throw it in there.  The smash pens have a glue stick on them - so it's very portable.  This, like my folder of knowledge, are mental crutches.

6. Bag o' Food.  Yep, I'm one of those people.  I have a bag with a small container of protein powder, blender ball, protein bars and my vitamins.  I am going into many meetings and I will go straight from the airport to the first meeting.  I can't bring perishable food with me and as you know, you are very limited as to what can go through airport security.  Real food is best for sure - but if I'm stuck and the option is a vending machine or my protein bar - which one will keep me on track?  Obviously the bar.  I'm going for a general be prepared situation.  My flight is extremely short so I don't have to pack a ton to eat on the flight which keeps my carry on situation manageable.

I'm going to lay out my travel day plan tonight in my Fitbook.  I need to finish packing and then get to bed.  And also confirm my flight time...because I'm honestly not sure right now which is a serious problem.  I also have a few housekeeping tasks to finish - I can't leave out of town without making sure the trash is taken out, dishwasher is run, and things are just neat and tidy.

Yikes...that's a lot to get done and very little time....g'night!!