Thong Shape Up (Cinco de Mayo Workout)

Saturday I did an amazing workout - from 3/18 the thong shape up.  It's a long workout, which was fine with me since I had a food filled weekend on tap including a wedding to attend.

Main Workout 10 off/20 on, 6 rounds in each set
Set 1
Jump Mat Pushup - 2/2/3
Pushup - 4/7/7
Set 2

Jump Mat Pushup - 3/3/3
Pushup - 6/6/8
Set 3

Squat Jump + Clean and Press - 3/3/4
Switch Lunge and Kick - 6/5/5
Set 4

Squat Jump + Clean and Press - 4/3/3
Switch Lunge and Kick - 7/8/8

Abs 10 off/50 on
Plank toe floor touch - 14
Reverse Curl - 17
Plank toe floor touch - 12

Cool Down (weighted)
Clean and Press - 10
Push up and reach - 8
Side to side chest - 16
Bent over row - 10
Goblet squat - 10
Left lunge - 10
Right lunge - 10

I used a 30 lb bar for the clean and presses and bent over rows.  Used 16 lbs for the side to side chest.  This workout was a scorcher and a longer workout, which I like.  I need that sometimes.

Sunday was a rest day, which is good b/c my butt was BURNING from all the squats/lunges.  Today I overslept, so I didn't get a morning workout.  I'm going to re-start the 30 day challenge I think tomorrow.  I decided to wait until it was farther along since I do my workouts in the AM and I need the workout to be there the night before so I can watch it and prep for the morning's workout.  I have a lot of travel ahead of me this week and next, so I may hold off on re-starting until I get back in town next weekend.  I haven't decided yet - I'll see how travel friendly some of the workouts are.

Weigh in today - plus 3.2 lbs.  But considering we lived it up pretty big this weekend - open bar, dessert, mac and cheese...shall I go on? I'm not at all surprised that the scale shows an increase today.  I fully expect that to be gone after a few days of back to normal eating.  I also didn't exercise as much as normal b/c of the schedule and visitors.  Not stating these as excuses, but just facts of the situation as I sometimes need to remind myself that the reason for a gain on the scale is very obvious.  This week it was a lot of food combined with less exercise - which will equal a weight gain.  I am ok with this because it was a special weekend...not the normal for me.