Thursday with Jillian

Michaels that is.  Today I did my JM Body Rev workout for my goal with my body rev peeps.  I'm gonna be honest.  I like the workouts, but I don't like spending 2-3 days a week on them instead of doing BodyRock.  So how do I solve that problem?  She does both strength training workouts (so workouts 1 and 2) back to back one morning.  Boom, now I got my strength done and only lost one day of doing what I want to do.  So the deets:

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution
Month 1/Week 2
Workout 1 and Workout 2
8-10 lb weights

I started out at 8 lbs last week, but I made the decision to up the weights for this week's workouts.  Reason being - body fat blasting.  Over the last few months I haven't been really eating a fat loss diet or doing fat burning exercise.  Mainly cardio, lighter weight/body weight workouts, and eating way more carbs than I should.  I'm losing weight, so it's good.  But I want to start working at diet and doing more lifting.  I think I'm going to start putting aside $$ and get a sandbag for bodyrock soon so I can have some real weight (I'm using a bookbag or hand weights now, but that limits the amount I can use) for some of the exercises there.  And I need to start watching my carbs.  I have a busy social/travel calendar the next few weeks but after that, going to start consciously working on my carb intake.  Nothing drastic or counting (I'm officially off counting anything except reps and sets), but just setting some goals to start driving down my processed carbs (not fruit and veggie carbs!!).  I hope that will help really boost my results.