Total Exhaustion

Today was Total Body Circuit.  Yesterday I said Speed 1.0 was the hardest one.  I lied.  THIS is the hardest one.  Squats, squats into burpees, pushups.  Honestly, it felt like 25 minutes of INSANITY with zero breaks.  It was hard.  Jump here, punch, hop hop squat.  When he said total body, he means total body. Okay so first the one complaint about this one - I do wish that before the minute started of an exercise Shaun T or somebody showed the next one.  Because this was my first time doing the workout I feel like I lost valuable time watching him to figure out what to do next.  Now - the names of the workouts are pretty self explanatory at times - so it could be me at 5 something AM being confused for no reason.  And Tania wasn't always shown first, either, so I know I wasted some time.  BUT I felt like I got my butt kicked anyway, so maybe I didn't lose at much time as I thought OR this workout is just that insane.

What I loved was the fact that it was total body.  This felt like OG Shaun T and a lot like INSANITY.  I definitely had to fall back to Tania's mods often because I was just exhausted by the end of this one.  I also really loved how the moves built again.  The progression I say again is GENIUS.  It really helps you focus on the form - which we know is the MOST IMPORTANT thing with these workouts.  The form keeps you from getting injured and makes sure the moves hit the right spots on the body.  This helps you shrink in inches, not just lose lbs but be flabby still.  By focusing on the progression I was able to really get a bomb workout :)

Tips for this workout?  Do not be scared to drop to a Tania mod when the ish gets hard.  Focus on form.  And keep FOCUSED!!!

So far I'm also digging the Fast Track recipes.  I made the roasted tofu last night and I thought it tasted great (just add a wee bit more Bragg's than the recipe tells you to use).  So far this week I've lost a few lbs and I feel back in a groove.  The foods in this plan are magic to my body apparently :)