TWO Days Left

This week has been crazy busy with work and life - but I'm so happy to say that I'm through to Friday fairly unscathed.  I am so ready for graduation on Sunday, lol. It's really hot out so I've been drinking tons of water and trying to keep up with my sleeping.  The workouts are still hard but I'm seeing some progress on what I can do each workout and starting to do more full sets in the as demoed move instead of modifying.  Today I did some push-ups on my toes that I had always had to modify to my knees (the side ones at the end of max interval plyo) and stayed on my toes more during the whole workout.  I'm not an INSANITY master yet, but I'm working on it :) Honestly though - right now I'm just really ready for Sunday because I'm ready to get back to shorter workouts.  If there is one complaint I have about INSANITY, it's that I wish month 2 had more shorter days.  I am definitely excited for my 2 week bridge + Focus T25 because I'm really ready to go hard for like 30 minutes then be done for the day.  I would love to get back into doing some yoga and I think I may use one of the off days to throw yoga in.  Or you know, to go do Hip Hop Hustle :)  Either way I'm ready to mix it up.  I know people do the same program over and over again and I'm still amazed at that with no break or change.  I guess that works if you love it...I'm just way too ADD for that.  Or I haven't found that program that works with my brain like that I guess.  We will see :)

A couple of announcements:

Free shipping on Focus T25 has been extended until July 28th because of how popular the program has been and the fact that they sold out for a while.  So you still have time to save a few bucks and get your workouts in time for the August 5th challenge.

If you would like to get the Focus T25 Challenge pack - it's only on sale for $180 until the end of the month, so don't wait too long :)  It's a chance to save $80+ over the regular price of the program + Shakeology, which is pretty awesome.  It's essentially breakfast for 30 days + at least 10 weeks of exercise in one handy little box :)