Ultimate Reset: Day 1

Here we are, day 1!  Took my pictures and starting weight/body fat.  Oh boy did I have fun on vacation :/  But all that is in the past and from here on out maybe that won't happen again. Especially since I have my hubby on board.

Breakfast (which I forgot to take a picture of) was really filling and delicious.  I just threw the eggs and steamed kale on the bread and made a sandwich.  It was awkward scheduling this AM to do the 30 min wait between supplements and breakfast.  I thought about it, but didn't really think about it the night before.  I prepped my breakfast during the 30 min, but it took me longer to eat it than I expected.  I also realized at this point that for lunch I need to think ahead.  This is going to be interesting.  I typically eat at all kinds of weird times (or grab and go) and this is going to force me to think about it more.

Lunch is a microgreen salad and dressing.  I'm terrified that this will not keep me full.  I also was terrified about eating it.  I typically put a lot of stuff on my salads - eggs, meat, cheese, ect.  This salad was full of....veggies.  And that's it.  It wasn't bad because the dressing was delicious.  But it was hard to finish.  I'm sure I'll pay for that later (so glad I brought a snack right now).  Something was bitter in my salad mix (something in my leafy greens) and that was disgusting.  I bought a different tub than I usually do in order to get a bigger one (more bang for my buck).  I may stop tonight and get my old trusty Olivia's spring mix from the grocery store.  It may cost more, but the greens mix is one I really love and I don't have any bitter greens in it.

Alkalinize is as bad as everyone said it was.  Use just a little bit of water and chug quickly.  It tastes like bleh.

I decided to snack today as I was worried about getting through the evening.  I did a shakeology.  Taste was great but man is it gritty.  I need a legit blender for this stuff, lesson learned.  I only drank like a quarter of it - I'm odd with textures.  I also probably won't snack much.  It was super annoying to have to wait 2 hours after the snack to start the supplements.  That means a 2.5 hour break between snack and dinner.  Considering I only had a small bit, I was starving by dinner time.  I'll just wait and start having an earlier dinner at home.

Now I'm sitting with dinner.  It's delicious.  Catfish (substitution because I had this beauty of a piece of catfish in the freezer I needed to eat and prepared exactly the same way as the salmon recipe) with asparagus and boiled potatoes.  It's a lot of food and I am enjoying this after just a salad for lunch.

I'm prepping for tomorrow too.  While I was letting the fish marinate I cooked the chicken for the greek chicken salad and made the dressing.  Oats are also ready to go, just will need to be reheated.

This is definitely the healthiest day of eating I have had in a while and I am glad for it!