Ultimate Reset: Day 22 and Beyond!

Well folks, the man and I have finished the reset as of Wednesday!!

It's been a hard 21 days. But totally worth it. We have gained a better understanding of how to eat and how we want to eat. We have lost a combined 37.9 lbs (21.4 for me and 16.5 for the hubs). We have really changed our lives for the better when it comes to food.  We also are both wearing clothes that we have not been able to wear in a long time.  I am only now SEVEN lbs away from losing the 50 lbs that I re-gained.  All in all - there is a huge happy dance going on.  I started a new fitbook this week to help me out with the post reset life and I'm just finding it much easier than ever to make the right choices.

Do I think people should reset? Yes. I honestly do. I think everyone who survives on a lot of process foods, has a bad relationship with food, has trouble sticking with a healthy eating program, or just is having a lot of digestive problems would benefit from this program.  I think the committing to the program and really going into it with a positive outlook and a positive mindset is vital to completing it.  I also think having a buddy to do it with you or a friend who has done it to coach you through it is really important.  There were definitely times where knowing my husband was eating the same dinner made it so much easier to go forward.  This reset is HARD.  Let's not beat around the bush here.  It's hard because those of us who need to do is most just are not eating anything like this plan.  It is a mental challenge more than anything physical because you have to really accept the purpose of the reset for it to be something you can actually do.

Read that again:  you have to really accept the purpose of the reset for it to be something you can actually do.

For the first time, I have really bought into the purpose of something.  From my research pre-reset I really believed that it was something that was good for me and would help me become the person I want to be.  I kept that belief through the program.  My husband totally accepted this and has really studied and taken some of the nutritional beliefs to heart as well.  We both bought in.  Drank the kool-aid so to speak.  And because of this, being successful was much easier than I thought it would be.

So now is actually day 2 past the reset (I started this way before I finished it).  We both have maintained vegetarian diets so far and had several vegan meals each.  The hubs is ready for some fish next week and I'm kind of whatever on that.  I'm not really sure when I'll actually eat meat.  The vegan days all I could think about was cheese and eggs on my plate.  That's all I really missed.  Meat was never the main thing I wanted/needed to make it "easier" to stay with the healthier eating.  I'm not saying I'm going to be a vegetarian.  Because I'm not one in my heart.  But I don't plan on eating the tons of meat I ate before and I no longer believe that every meal needs meat to make it a complete meal.  Same with the hubby.  I also think I may plan to do a stricter vegan "cleansing" week every once in a while just to maintain the lifestyle and to do a mini reset. We will see what happens on that front.  I think because we are committed to continuing to eat in a way that is very similar to the reset we will both maintain our losses and continue to lose weight as we (well I) add exercise.

I hope that my story during the reset inspires someone to either do the program or just really take a good hard look at their diet and make those changes.  You don't need to do the reset to make these changes.  I did because I needed the push to actually do and stick with the program.  But I have friends that have done this on their own.  The point isn't that you use a beachbody program, but the point is that you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed everything.  That is the purpose of the reset.