Ultimate Reset: Days 2-3

Let me start by saying that I developed a raging sinus infection complete with sore throat within the first day of the program.  I am not surprised, I've been on quite a few airplanes and that's typically what gets me.  A little cold turns into that after a few flights every time.  With a lot of cold meds and some cough drops I've been able to deal.  I know that's prob not ideal on the program - but I really had to take them.  I'm following the program as is and just taking cold meds when I need them.

The first 3 days of the program have gone really well.  I'm officially back to pre-vacation weight (yay!) so from here on out all this is "new" weight loss.  Every meal has been really delicious except the lentil-lime salad.  I am pretty sure it's because I didn't cook the lentils enough.  I typically like them mushier.  I ended up really not digging that meal so I had a shakeology for a snack and then a later dinner.  I didn't want to be that low on calories for the day.

Today is going to be a crazy day. I'm going to be in the city all day, so I'm going to basically end up eating out for some of the meals.  I figure since lunch is the sushi, if we go to a Japanese place then I can get similar food.  Dinnner is stir fried veggies so I think I can manage that as well.  I'm going to bring an approved snack (apples + almonds) so I have some backups.

All in all - right now I'm a fan.  There is a LOT of food at each of the meals that I've definitely not been hungry. Score!