Ultimate Reset: Detoxing

So today is the 3rd day of week 2 aka the release week.  This week is a little more annoying because we have to add in the detox supplement 3 times a day.  That supplement is NASTY.  There is no 2 ways around it.  It's gritty and the grit doesn't dissolve.  My hubby is a low water and chug kind of guy and I'm a more water to dilute the taste kind of girl.

I had a good talk with the hubs last night about cravings and life after the reset.  Being that we are a week and a half away from being done, we are starting to think about what we are going to do long term.  The husband really likes the meal plan aka tell me exactly what to eat lifestyle.  I am not sure what I really like yet.  I am shocked daily that I'm sticking to the plan as well as I am but then again - it's really easy to do this when it's all laid out with shopping lists, ect.  There is really no reason to cheat so to speak.  So maybe we will continue with a different program that is similar with meal plans.  I still am standing firm on flexitarian life after this for me for sure.  I want to have at minimum one meatless meal a day, at least one meatless day a week.  I also want to stay off of red meat and pork, adding back fish and chicken as my meats.  I'm so torn on dairy.  I want to stay dairy free - but I also really miss cheese.  A lot of awesome vegetarian recipes do have cheese in them and I'm a sucker for a plate of cheese and crackers and fruit.  I think I may try cheese and see how it impacts me.  I will also experiment with some of the non-dairy alternative cheeses for cooking.  Maybe I can just limit cheese and yogurt a lot and still have them but not have them all the time.  I know milk is the big problem that I have with lactose intolerance, so maybe if I continue to be an almond milk drinker, that will be enough.  We will see I suppose.

We also had a good talk about processed food.  It's interesting how for years I've been saying things to my husband but it never clicked with him.  Through the reset and through other research the reset has inspired him to do, he has now gotten it.  About how bad it is to eat all that processed food and that eating sugar in mass quantities begets sugar addictions. And how it's easy to eat too much sugar when you eat a lot of processed foods.  In general this has been a huge educational experience for the man and I.

In another life after the reset moment - I totally ordered an Ugi ball, lol.  I've wanted one for a while but the discounts were kind of meh.  I wanted to make one but the more I researched it the more I was like I'm not sure I have the skills required.  BodyRock finally had a deal with jumping on - $30 off plus no shipping cost. Ok, it's under my magical number of $100 now so I went for it.  I got a bigger one than I probably should have (the 10 lb one) because it's the only one I'll ever buy, lol.  So it will take me for a while.  I'm so excited to get back to BodyRock - I've been staring at the site.  I think during the week after the reset where they say do 50% intensity I will do some of the BodyRock Lite workouts since they are for beginners and just modify when necessary on reps and/or sets.  I cannot wait to get back into the exercise groove.