Ultimate Reset: First Challenge and More Tips

On Saturday I spent the day helping my sister apartment shop in the city.  This was my first real challenge on the reset so far.  Bringing food was pretty much impossible because we were walking and using public transpo all day and carrying all that food just was not really a realistic idea since I'd need ice packs and all that.  So I just brought my book and my supplements and tried to order the best I could.  We ended up at a Mediterranean restaurant so I ordered a salad with all kinds of veggies and couscous on it with no dressing.  I felt that was very similar to the dinner for the day.  For dinner I had the lunch (we were back at home so I cooked).  Felt good about that decision and felt like I did a good job.  I also brought two huge bottles of water with me.  I didn't drink as much as I should have because I realized quickly that bathrooms were hard to find.  But I did drink a lot.

So today was my 5th day on the program.  I'm happy to say that I feel really good and am excited about what's to come.  I'm shockingly okay with the lack of meat in my diet and even more shocked by the lack of cravings for meat.  When shopping today for week 2, I actually felt a little sick when walking through the meat department from the smell.  What's up with that?  I also notice that when I do think about meat, it's really seafood that I think of.  Things like oh, after the reset this would be great with a little shrimp or catfish. I've never thought about red meat or pork or chicken or turkey.  These were ALL the staples of my diet before this so I'm really surprised.  Maybe this thing is really changing me for the better?

Anyway, in the first 5 days I've learned a LOT about this program - and whole foods cooking.  Here are some thoughts and some things to think about on the reset:

  1. Read not only what you are cooking, but the recipes the day before.  There are many recipes in this plan that require foods to be chilled/marinated/soaked for 1-2 hours in this plan.  I'm spending a lot of time trying to prep these things the day before so lunch can be grabbed in the morning and dinner can just be put together fairly quickly.  Also for the baked tempeh (a breakfast for day 6) I just don't have time to marinate my food for a hour before eating in the morning.  So this is crucial to being able to stay on the plan for me and something to think about.
  2. Buy more dishwashing soap/detergent.  I swear I'm running my dishwasher all the time now.  With all the cooking and prepping it's just necessary.  I also handwash my pots/pans, so I'm spending a lot of time cleaning up in the kitchen.  Plan for this.  You don't want your dirty stuff sitting around because with all this fresh food you are just asking for the gnats and ants to come in.  Just plan an extra 20 or so minutes every day to make sure things are clean.  Also - this is where looking ahead helps.  Sometimes if multiple things need to be cooked or steamed you can just do a quick rinse of the pot and keep cooking.  Reduces waste and helps you stay on track.
  3. Refrigerator space is a premium.  I still haven't figured this out - but my refrigerator needs some organization.  I mean I can't find really anything right now after shopping for week 2.  And I only have 2 days left of this week, so it's not like I have a bunch of extra stuff.  I'm going to sit down tomorrow probably after I cook dinner and try to organize things better.  I really would like to not spend like 5 minutes looking for green onions if at all possible.  Any refrigerator organization tips?  Anyone?
I'm going in on Wednesday to get my body fat and measurements taken, so I'm excited.  I haven't had them taken since before vacation officially, so we will see how things are.  I did take my body fat on my scale on day one of the program so I do have something to use as a base.