Ultimate Reset: Onward to Phase 2!

Today is the first day of phase 2 of the ultimate reset, woot we made it!!  Before we get into all of the phase 2 changes, let's talk phase 1.

Week 1: Reclaim Thoughts and Wrap-Up
In general pretty good.  I am fairly energetic, absolutely NO stomach issues like I've had for months, and sleeping pretty good (when I remember to cut the water off early enough).

Most surprising thing? That I don't actually miss meat.  This shocks me.  Oh and that I can live on 3 meals a day with no snack and not eat my foot.

Favorite meal? The day 1 fish recipe, the kale-egg-whole wheat breakfast, the day 2 mexican fiesta black beans and rice with corn and guac, the stir fried veggies, and the assorted oatmeal toppings will all be repeated after this is over.  Also the yogurt with oatmeal combo was new but good.  Of these the favorite vegetarian/vegan meal is definitely the stir fried veggies.  I will definitely make this again, possibly adding shrimp if I wanted a protein.

Least favorite meal? I don't know what I did different - but that zucchini-cashew soup is totally gross to me.  The texture is not for me at all. I'm hoping the phase 2 soups are creamier and more my style. This is is the only meal that I subbed out (the lunch version of this) for the quinoa salad.

Weight change? 13 lbs gone...whoa.  I knew I would lose a chunk because I'm coming off vacation but I didn't expect that.  And the fact that most of the phase 1 meals are ones I would eat again, I think this is sustainable (to keep the weight off, not to lose 13 lbs in a week again).  That to me is the most important thing.  The goal for the husband (who lost 8 btw) and I was not to lose this weight on a fad diet and go back to eating like we used to eat.  The goal for us was to use this as a catalyst for permanent change into a "flexitarian" diet of healthy non/minimally processed foods for long term health and weight loss.  That I think we can do very easily from what we are learning here.  Once I start working out again I will just have to add some more calories to the plan so I can support the exercise, but I think that is fairly easy by adding possibly a snack to accommodate the exercise and increasing some of my portion sizes.

Now Phase 2!

The big change this phase is that we are cutting out all meat products, so we are all vegan.  I had to look up the difference between vegan and vegetarian and it seems the big difference is the dairy and eggs question.  It's actually really confusing to me.  But anyway, We are going vegan for the next 2 weeks.  We also will have the detox supplement 2 times a day this week.  The detox supplement is supposed to be gentle and so far, so good on that one.

Today was the first day of all fruit for breakfast.  I've been looking forward to this a LOT.  I really was looking forward to having fruit again, as phase 1 was a little short on fruit.  It was delicious and hold the phone - I was actually full until lunch even though my water was a little low (meetings at work...I can't keep running in and out).  This surprised me for sure.  I guess I'm learning that I don't "need" all the food I thought I needed, which is eye opening.  The food in this phase looks pretty good and I'm excited for that.  Although I really am not a salad for lunch every day person in the fall person.  My one big complaint right now with the reset is that I wish there were some alternatives for seasonality.  For example the kabocha squash is not in season right now so I had to sub with a butternut squash.  A lot of the cold meals just are not really my thing, I'm a hot food girl.  I love the steamed veggies and am considering doing those instead of a microgreen salad sometimes, especially since it's FALL now :)

If you'd like to join me on this journey - get your ultimate reset here and I'd be happy to help you through it :)